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This term arose as a result of the programming course of for the Programmable Read-Only Memories (PROMs) that preceded current-day Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memories (EPROMs) involved deliberately blowing tiny electrical fuses on the chip. The utilization lives on (it's too vivid and expressive to discard) even though the write course of on EPROMs is nondestructive. [widespread; from course of scheduling terminology in OS theory] 1. To delay or sit idle whereas ready for something.

[common] A person who is religiously connected to a selected laptop, language, working system, editor, or other tool (see spiritual points). Usually discovered with a specifier; thus, `cray bigot', `ITS bigot', `APL bigot', `VMS bigot', `Berkeley bigot'. Real bigots could be distinguished from mere partisans or zealots by the fact that they refuse to be taught alternatives even when the march of time and/or technology is threatening to out of date the favored tool. It is actually mentioned "You can inform a bigot, but you'll be able to't tell him a lot." Compare weenie, Amiga Persecution Complex.

The alt shift key on an IBM PC or clone keyboard; see bucky bits, sense 2 (although typical PC utilization doesn't simply set the 0200 bit). The `option' key on a Macintosh; use of this time period usually reveals that the speaker hacked PCs before coming to the Mac (see also teco zap cap reviews characteristic key, which is typically incorrectly referred to as `alt'). [PDP-10; often capitalized to ALT] Alternate name for the ASCII ESC character (ASCII ), after the keycap labeling on some older terminals; additionally `altmode' (/awlt'mohd/).

[IBM] Patch wires added to circuit boards at the factory to appropriate design or fabrication problems. These may teco zap cap reviews be essential if there hasn't been time to design and qualify one other board version.

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See additionally mess-dos, toaster, and toy. (alt. `bit-shift keyboard') A non-commonplace keyboard structure that seems to have originated with the Teletype ASR-33 and remained common for several years on early computer equipment. The ASR-33 was a mechanical gadget (see EOU), so the only way to generate the character codes from keystrokes was by some bodily %keywords% linkage. The design of the ASR-33 assigned each character key a primary sample that could be modified by flipping bits if the SHIFT or the CTRL key was pressed. In order to keep away from making the factor much more of a kluge than it already was, the design had to group characters that shared the identical primary bit sample on one key.

  • The mutant cousin of TOPS-10 used on a handful of systems at SAIL up to 1990.
  • Overuse of terms from this lexicon is commonly an indication of the wannabeenature.
  • There was by no means an `official' growth of WAITS (the name itself having been arrived at by a rather sideways course of), however it was frequently glossed as `West-coast Alternative to ITS'.
  • Used of a person who is in or could be getting into larval stage, it's semi-approving; such wannabees may be annoying however most hackers keep in mind that they, too, were once such creatures.
  • Though WAITS was much less seen than ITS, there was frequent trade of people and ideas between the two communities, and improvements pioneered at WAITS exerted monumental oblique affect.
  • When used of any skilled programmer, CS tutorial, author, or go well with, it is derogatory, implying that said particular person is attempting to cuddle up to the hacker mystique but doesn't, basically, have a prayer of understanding what it's all about.

Legal Notices And Terms Of Use

The time period software rot is nearly synonymous. Software rot is the impact, bit rot the notional trigger. The notion lengthy favored amongst %keywords% hackers that cosmic rays are among the causes of such occasions turns out to be a fable; see the cosmic rays entry for details.

The technical which means is `stage transitions per second'; this coincides with bps only for two-degree modulation with no framing or cease bits. Most hackers are conscious of these nuances but blithely ignore them. Many hackers routinely hang numerous units corresponding to pagers, cell-phones, private organizers, leatherman multitools, pocket knives, flashlights, walkie-talkies, even miniature computer systems from their belts.

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[allegedly from a World War II army time period that means "ten kilos of manure in a 5-pound bag"] 1. An intractable problem. A crucial piece of hardware that may't be fixed or changed if it breaks. A tool that has been hacked over by so many incompetent programmers that it has turn into an unmaintainable tissue of hacks.

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Bit bang was used on sure early models of Prime computer systems, presumably when UARTs were too costly, and on archaic Z80 micros with a Zilog PIO but no SIO. In an attention-grabbing instance of the cycle of reincarnation, this method returned to use in the early 1990s on some RISC architectures because it consumes such an infinitesimal part of the processor that it actually makes sense not to have a UART.